Saturday, August 24, 2013

When the Western Fairfax Mission was ready to form one Sunday ...

...there was an altar call for those interested in being a part of this church plant (later Christ the Redeemer, Thomas Herrick, Vicar). A few weeks later, I had cold feet and was scared to death to leave my “mother church," Truro.

On Sunday morning I went up for prayer and I will never forget what Joe said. “Cheryl," he said, “you need to go and be there and the Lord will speak to you."

And he was exactly right! The first gathering of the Western Fairfax Mission, Bill and I knew that this was His will and we never looked back! That was a profound moment to hear that word from Joe, because I can look back on our life and so much of where we are and the ministry we have now is based on that decision that was made to step out of fear and into Jesus. Thank you, Joe Kitts!!! You are so dear loved!

 Cheryl McCarthy

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