Saturday, August 24, 2013

I have many wonderful memories of Joe.

One that comes to mind quickly is a story he told about a young boy who yelled down the steps to his mother, “Is this shirt clean enough to wear?” His mother’s answer was, “If it’s doubtful, it’s dirty!” And thus any questionable situation that was doubtful might need a good wash!

I also remember playing tennis with Joe at  annual Truro Singles Beach Trip. He was a natural athlete and a much better player than any of us, yet he put up with us all! I chuckled when he called the score, “Van (pronounced “vahn”) in and Van-out instead of Ad-in and Ad-out! His Welsh dialect was a joy!

When my husband died, Joe kept in touch with me. I confessed to him that I was angry with God and he told me that God could certainly handle my anger, but that perhaps it was time to let go of it. Joe was truly a man of God and filled with the Spirit! It was a blessing to receive his ministry!

 Gayle Yates Wirschnitzer

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