Saturday, August 24, 2013

Joe, Freda, and I became close friends when he sent me back to the mountains.

I'd left the valley there when one of the locals told everyone no woman should be teaching men - or anyone else, for that matter. But that's not the story.  One day Joe was tell me about about his mounting work load so I volunteered to come to Fairfax one day per week to help with pastoral care.

Little did I know, Joe had decided he'd train me for my own good and for the care of those I might serve. I'd arrive in the morning and we'd pray. Then I'd ask for the schedule for the day. There wasn't any. Some days, we'd walk outside and Joe would say, "The Lord is saying we go in this direction. Another day, we'd wait in silence until the Lord told him who we were going to see. 

Efficient? No indeed! Incredibly accurate? Our visits were always amazingly timely!

 Jeannie Light

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