Saturday, August 24, 2013

One Monday morning, Joe handed me a $50 bill.

For the past several years, David and I were leading the Engaged Couples Class at Truro. We held these classes three times per year and they always involved selecting mentors (married couples) to help with the class plus preparing the presentations each week. It was a lot of work but David and I really enjoyed these classes and felt that we were investing n the future of marriage.

 On that Monday morning, when Joe handed me the $50 bill, he explained that he had received it the Saturday before by a bride for the wedding Joe performed. He now wanted to share the money with David and me for the work we had done preparing that bride and her new husband for marriage. We still have that $50 bill! It sits in my jewelry box and I always think of the precious man who gave it to me when I open the box.

 Donna Blackistone

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  1. Dear Joe was a special man, as we all know. He was a source of comfort and wise councilor to me through a few family ciricises. He was also spiritual guide to my family in several ways. He conducted our daughter's wedding and he Christened all our grandchildren. He always had a smile and a cheerful greeting. I'm sure he has a special place in Heaven.