Saturday, August 24, 2013

I have many memories of Joe from when I was a kid ...

... but one that stands out was when I was in the church office doing something with Good News Camp. I overturned a can of coke that I had set down on the carpet just as Joe came into the room. I jumped up to clean it up and started to profusely apologize. I was a bit clumsy as a kid and was used to getting pretty well chastised for my carelessness by whoever was around when I knocked something over. Joe wasn't at all bothered by it and said not to worry a bit about it. I was stunned. I was so happy to learn that there is no need to get upset over things like that, and I have never gotten upset over a spilled thing ever since.

 More recently, I got to pass this grace on to a student who, similarly to me, was clumsy. She dropped a valuable glass jar in her classroom while I was with her, and she was so surprised that I didn't get mad about it. It really shook her world too. I am amazed at how God's grace can shine through the seemingly littlest things.

 Alicia Julienne Bradford

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