Monday, August 26, 2013

We have wonderful memories as we have been to visit Joe during our two years in London.

We first saw him in his home and he insisted on walking us to the car although he was not steady on his feet. Soon after that his children thought it best for him to be in a nursing home close by his home. However Joe always believed in “Blooming where you are planted." He was the life and soul of the nursing home talking about His Lord and Savior Jesus Christ at every opportunity. We were blessed to visit him there several times and it was well worth the six hours of travel it took to get there!

From the moment we arrived at Truro, he took us all under his wing and Joe was always supportive and guided Martyn. At the first service Joe literally pushed Martyn into where he should stand.

One funny incident was when Martyn gave Joe an answering machine. Joe was adamant that he did not need one as he always answered his phone when he was home. He said he was not like Martyn who never answered his phone. However he was never at home as he was always visiting!

 When he left for England he would not give us a list of those whom he visited. His answer was that he himself would continue to look after them from England. This he did returning and visiting.

We love Joe Kitts. We look forward to our reunion in heaven. We give thanks to God for the gift of his life. To God be the glory great things he has done!

 Angela Minns

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