Monday, August 26, 2013

I used to go with Joe on evangelism visits to those folks who attended Truro for the first or second time.

On the way he loved to use the car phone he had (one of those early phone before cells or bluetooth) to call ahead and see if the people were home (it was kinda like a big-boy toy for him, I think...). Once at their home, he could start a conversation using any object he might see - like a photo, book, clock, piece of art, you name it. He would gradually lead into sharing the Gospel using his unique creativity, and had such a winsome way that people had difficulty resisting his approach. He often urged me to share some part of my testimony or the Gospel to give me some experience. I attribute his training (along with Ed Pritchard's) as indispensable in becoming comfortable with sharing the gospel myself. On the way back to church he would de-brief the evening and encourage me. What a master he was! 

Karen Phillips

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