Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I was working with Joe at the time establishing a Seniors' Fellowship.

My elderly mother participated in the fellowship, though towards the end of her life life she was not mentally capable. She just did everything that I told her to do. It certainly made care-giving easier but it did not answer one huge question that I had. “Did she really know the Lord or was she just following and agreeing with everything I said and did?"

 I expressed my concerns to Joe. The very next day he was on my doorstep. He came in and talked with my Mother and gently led her to express her faith. After that he simply said, “Well! That's done." 

And we all knew that it was. I never again doubted her relationship with God, our Heavenly Father and neither did she. Thank you, dear Joe and praise to the Lord of the universe.

 June Leeuwrik

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