Monday, August 26, 2013

Other than Joe checking his watch right after Eucharist in the old 9:30 service to make sure they could clear the parking lot for the folks coming to the next service ...

... Perhaps the clearest memories I have of Joe are these:

I remember at the end of one Service Martyn Minns saying Joe had an announcement to make or wanted to say a few words. That seemed curious. Joe came out and shared that the staff had been getting a lot of flack for the Old Testament reading the week (or possibly 2 weeks) before, which had been from the Apocrypha (the book of Tobit, if I recall correctly). Joe said something along the lines of “The 39 Articles says that the Apocrypha is profitable for reading and teaching." Then he said something else to the effect of “get over it" - I think he thought we were being a little Pharisaical - and sort of stomped off. An interesting moment that showed Joe's love for the historic Anglican church.

I also remember the beatific look on Joe's face when he was “slain in the Spirit" at a Men's Breakfast with evangelist Mahesh Chavda in the Truro Undercroft. There were probably thirty people there and it was quite a meeting!

And Joe did a wonderful job singing the liturgy.

David Smith

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