Monday, August 26, 2013

Things i learned from Joe Kitts ...

  1. Don't get in arguments about God. Some people will argue for arguing sake (for example, Who did Cain marry?). 
  2. Talk to the person about Jesus. This will either end the conversation abruptly or take you to a salvation talk. 
  3. Learn how to give a Gospel message in one or two sentences, in a minute or less time. 
  4. Gather prayer support when you go out to minister to people or on a door to door visit around a neighborhood. 
  5. And always go in twos or threes. 

Saved through conversations with his grandfather when he was seven, Joe was blessed with a testimony of God's protective love. I was blessed to serve on the prayer team he set up to support the door to door ministry. He had such a heart for the lost and the un-churched, and such a love for Christ and strong faith in God that all of us who served with him caught his vision.

Ann Westerman

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