Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Our family attended Truro from 1977-1988 ...

Joe was such a special person, he blest me so often from the pulpit and personally. He became even more precious when I married the grandson of a coal miner from Wales.

How much rejoicing there must be in heaven now.

 Patricia Stanton

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  1. Well, almost 10 years after his death, I had an impulse to Google, "Joe Kitts Episcopalian Truro Virginia, and I came across this tribute. My family attended Truro for the years from the mid-1960s to the late-80s, and I during most of that time as a teenager and college grad. Although I was active as a young man as an acolyte and other services, I became a Christian late in college. Between college and B-School, I attended the "traditional service" at Truro that Joe officiated. We shared a love of the Puritans and he shared his library with me and gave me volumes from Baxter, Manton, and Jewel that I treasure. He mentioned his friend, Jim Packer once, and I had he occasion to mention Joe Kitts to J.I. Packer once, and his eyes lightened up thinking of old times. I am very grateful for the positive, godly influence Joe had on my life. God is so good!