Thursday, October 3, 2013

Joe and I served together at Truro during the interim time between the departure of John Howe and the arrival of Martyn Minns.

What a wonderful time that was as Joe did what he did so well in pointing people to Jesus through his pastoral work, his gifts for evangelism, and his fervent preaching.

As a newly ordained priest, I learned many important things about life and ministry from Joe, and I am deeply indebted to him for the many times he shared his perspectives with me.

 But one of our favorite memories predates that interim experience. Joe baptized our daughter Meredith in 1985. There were several babies being baptized that day, and one was clearly unhappy. Joe scooped him up in his arms, pronounced the baptism blessing as the baby continued to fuss, gently handed him back to his parents, and declared with a broad smile, “Objection overruled!”

 Joe’s love for the Lord was as infectious as it was inspirational, and we count it a privilege to have known him and served Truro with him. We carry many special memories in our hearts as we celebrate God’s goodness shown to us in the lives of Joe and Freda.

 John and Nina Whitnah

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